A mindset shift that unlocked a “pathway to well-being” for Kavya is the foundation of what has set her consistency and enjoyment in moving her body for her health! Check out Kavya’s inspirational full story below.

Kavya’s Story:

“For the past decade or so, I’ve been in this epic battle with the concept of a healthy lifestyle. I
used to think of exercise as a punishment rather than a pathway to well-being. I was not at all
committed towards working out and would think of a thousand excuses to not move, let alone lift
some weights in the gym. Joining Active Wellness greatly helped me change this mindset.

First of all, Active Wellness is only a 10-minute walk from my place. I can practically roll out of
bed and tumble onto a treadmill. That was motivation enough to finally get off the couch and
embrace a healthier lifestyle. I jumped into the whole fitness thing with The ZONE program at
Active. The ZONE program, guided by these extraordinary coaches, became the cornerstone of
my transformation. The ZONE really helped me groove into a routine that complemented my weight
loss and fitness goals. I have been an obese or overweight individual most of my life, but thanks
to Active, I lost 25 pounds and have been successful in building strength and endurance along
the way, which was something I had never imagined in my life. I’ve tried all those fad diets
without moving a muscle, that have failed miserably for me in the past. Through dedicated
strength training and a focus on healthy eating, I witnessed gradual but undeniable results. The
coaches here at Active make it a point to help you at every step of your fitness journey and
provide great inputs for getting an effective workout in. Even when I am not doing The ZONE
classes, I am confident at navigating the gym independently and getting my own workout in and
doing exercises with the right form. In that way Active has helped me build autonomy in the gym.
Besides the physical transformation aspect, the supportive staff and the wonderful friendships
fostered within the gym help me hold accountability in my fitness journey. In times of doubt or
fatigue, there was always someone to lend a helping hand or a word of encouragement. We
laugh, we sweat, we lift, we enjoy the sauna and hot tub sessions together – it’s like a daily
hangout with friends, making my daily gym visits exciting and fun!
A big shoutout to Active for making my health and fitness journey a great experience and this is
just the beginning. I hope to keep at it and get better every day, with Active by my side!”

-Kavya Kannan

Kavya, thank you for sharing your story with us! Your commitment to your health and the positive mindset that you’ve built toward health is an inspiration! We are so thankful to have you in our Active community!