By Personal Trainer Gabe Seefoo

To manage your stress you must start with your mind and then focus on your body. Try these three focus areas to get started.

EMBRACE AN ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE – To feel less stressed, shift your thoughts away from the stressors in your life and focus on the positive. You’ll need to adopt positive habits that cultivate gratitude, such as practicing priming, meditation or yoga. Consider keeping a gratitude journal to document the abundance surrounding you.

BRING BALANCE TO YOUR LIFE – When we’re talking about psychological vs. physiological stress, we’re actually talking about the mind and body being out of balance. The body’s reactions to stressors are designed to bring back homeostasis, or equilibrium between its elements. In life as in the body, when one area is off it can throw everything off balance.

CHANGE YOUR PHYSIOLOGY – The relationship between physiology and psychology also goes the opposite way: you can change the way you feel by changing your body. When you change your posture or adopt a power pose, you’ll feel more confident. When you smile – even when you don’t want to – you’ll automatically feel happier. When you learn relaxation techniques like deep breathing, you’ll feel more relaxed.

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