Through hard work and dedication, Chris has lost 8% of his total body fat and gained 2.7 pounds of lean muscle since joining Active Wellness Center at Reed’s Crossing.
Read his story below to learn about his journey and how he’s reaching his goals!

Read Chris’s story: “When the club opened I decided to make a lifestyle change. One that would make me a healthier individual overall, to ensure I will be around as long as possible for my wife and kiddo. When I started in August of 2022, I was 235 lbs, living a very sedentary lifestyle, and not caring about what I ate, or caring about my overall health in general. At the age of 37 I decided a change was needed, and so I set off on researching how to create a better lifestyle through my diet and exercise.

I researched for weeks, taking notes on everything I read or watched and ultimately setting an end goal for myself. My first Inbody assessment was in December 2022 where I came in at 223 lbs and 35% body fat. I recently had another Inbody Assessment on April 13, where I was ecstatic about my results. Coming in at 212 lbs and 27% Body Fat, and putting on 2.7 lbs of lean muscle mass. Dropping 8% in body fat, and gaining 2.7 lbs of lean muscle was huge for me.

The number on the scale has never been my goal. My main focus is reducing Body Fat Percentage. Reducing the amount of fat that surrounds your inner organs is key to becoming healthier and reducing the risk of many diseases that come with being unhealthy. My end goal is 12.5% body fat at 195 lbs.

My biggest contributing factor to my success has been DISCIPLINE. You’re not going to be motivated every day to go to the gym, but DISCIPLINE is what keeps you going every day. This also goes for clean eating. I have been in a 400-600 calorie deficit since August, taking one day, sometimes 2 days a week (usually the weekend) off from my diet. Then I get right back to the grind when the week begins all over.

I look forward to continuing my fitness journey, living a healthy lifestyle and sharing my results along the way. You’re never too old or too young to start. This is a lifestyle!”


Congrats on your incredible results Chris, and keep up the great work! We’re so impressed and want to thank you for sharing your story and inspiring others in the Hillsboro community.