“At first I was reluctant to be the August Wellness member of the month as there is a shy and private side of me that does not want to be in the spotlight.
After thinking it over though, I wanted so many people to know about this wonderful wellness center. It is so much more than just a gym!

I had a total knee replacement on 2/28/2023. I had excellent PT follow up.
My physical therapist swims here at Active Wellness and she highly recommended that I look into it. I had 2 visitors during my early knee recovery that were also members here. Again, the center came highly recommended.

I came to an open house in April 2023 and loved the positive atmosphere, the professional staff and the cleanliness of the facility. I especially liked the idea of doing my post op knee exercises in the warm pool.

I began personal training with the very dedicated and knowledgeable trainer Dylan Simkins. I wanted to be very safe with my new knee. Dylan showed me both safety on the equipment and a safe post op progression of exercises.

I am working on improving my balance and strengthening my legs. I came in on 2 walking sticks. I am now down to 1 walking stick as my balance improves.

I am so touched by the kindness of so many members of all ages as they offer to open doors and move equipment for me during my workouts.

I am a late bloomer. This is a whole new chapter for me at 77. I had a grand career for 48 years as a bedside nurse which I dearly loved, but now I need to focus on my own general wellness and knee recovery.

At first I was pretty hard on myself for starting this so late in life… should have taken better care of myself when I was younger etc….

I now know that I cannot dwell or get stuck in the past. I am beyond blessed with today and I am moving forward.
Bravo to the entire Active Wellness Center staff. You truly are 5 stars!!”

Barb Kennedy