After finding a passion for running at the age of 57, Willy knew that to keep her body in shape and injury free on her runs, she needed to work out her whole body. After moving to Reed’s Crossing, she found Active and also found Active’s group classes, Pilates Reformer training sessions and The ZONE classes which have all helped her in her goals. Check out Willy’s full story below.

Willy’s Story:

“Never having run before, I became a runner at age 57. Both trail and distance lured me, and I began running ever increasing distances (68 ½ miles the longest), on ever more challenging terrain: Marin County in California, Bryce, Zion, the sculpted sandstone canyons in Arizona, Yellowstone and Grand Tetons to name a few trail race locations. In order to keep in shape and avoid injury I had to work on total body fitness. I became a member of a gym first in California, later in Southern Oregon and now recently here at Active at Reed’s Crossing.

I am not diligent in working out by myself. I like the group classes and the social benefits of working out in a group. During COVID I lost a lot of my strength and aerobic ability, so when we moved to Reed’s Crossing in 2021, I was delighted to become a member at such a beautiful, well-equipped, brand-new facility as Active at Reed’s Crossing.

I got a knee injury earlier this year, which prevents me from running and from taking Victoria’s HIIT class here at Active, which I love. Fortunately, the Pilates sessions I’ve been taking at Active are very beneficial to me, especially with my trainer Lilly’s vast knowledge of both Pilates and the human body. Doing mat Pilates (and taking private reformer sessions) makes me feel as if I’ve had a nice massage. I feel more flexible, stronger and taller, and it helps me with posture and balance. Lilly’s Pilates reformer sessions are tailor-made to my ability and also my limitations, and she often suggests exercises I can do at home to help the rehab of my knee.

I also like doing ZONE classes. They make me sweat and allow me to keep my aerobic ability. With the trainers’ knowledge of proper execution and, if necessary, modifications I can do most exercises and keep up with most people.

For me, coming to Active at Reed’s Crossing is a little like entering an old episode of Cheers: Everybody Knows Your Name. From the front desk to the trainers and instructors, everyone is super friendly and welcoming. I hope to be able to enjoy this gym for many, many years to come.”

-Willy Bruijns

Willy, thank you for sharing your story with us! The Active team has been inspired by all you’ve done and how you found a passion for health and fitness. We’re so glad to be a part of your journey.