After feeling like she was in the worst shape she’d ever been in, Linda took her health into her own hands and made the choice to start a workout program at Active. From the little things like noticing a difference in how carrying groceries was becoming easier, to dropping her “BioAge” in the EGYM by 39 years, Linda continues to work hard with dedication and commitment to her health goals!
**The EGYM BioAge is a comprehensive fitness and health indicator that combines a wide range of user measurements into an easy-to-understand BioAge that can be compared to a member’s physical age.
Read Linda’s story below to learn about her journey to health and how she finds her motivation to stay dedicated!

Linda’s Story:

When I was first approached by an Active Wellness staff member stating that Active Wellness would like me to be acknowledged as Member of the Month for September, I was surprised but thought what a lovely way to acknowledge members at the gym.


The first thing I thought when I went on a tour of this place was, “what a nice and friendly place.” After my tour, I signed up that day. I was so impressed that this was also such a wonderful and comfortable environment even down to where the staff members know their Active members by their first names, which I had never seen before.


I had been retired for about 1 1/2 years and felt I was in the worst shape I had ever been. It was hard to carry groceries into the house as well as just getting up and down from the couch. Before signing up to be a member in March of 2023, I hadn’t ever done any strength training, but was going on a cruise in May of 2023. It was a slow start with the Activate EGYM, with my overall bio age for “strength” being at 81 years and worse yet, my legs alone were at 91 years, with my real age actually being 65. So I was indeed shocked.


Now 5 months later with the great support and encouragement of the staff at the Active Wellness Center, I am now feeling great and work out 4 days a week: 3 days on the EGYM for strength training and 1 day doing cardio. I have also incorporated going to the Sauna, pool and Jacuzzi. I am now at a Bio age for “strength” of 42 (a 39 bio age year drop) and my legs are now at 55 (a 36 bio age year drop).
I have 3 friends that have also joined the gym as well and we all belong to the EGYM Activate space for strength training. What a difference this place has made for me in this short amount of time. I felt like I was at rock bottom at 65 and wouldn’t ever be healthy again. Just remember that you can start at any age to achieve your goals.


Thank you again to the staff at Active Wellness Center if it wasn’t for you and my friends, I wouldn’t be where I am today.
Linda Drake


Congratulations on your amazing progress, Linda! We are so happy to be a part of your journey and love to see how your dedication and progress spreads to others as inspiration. Thank you for sharing your story with us!