Simple Tips to #LiveActively During Busy Seasons

Back-to-school and the holidays are crunch time for many of us, and it’s all too easy to let exercise take a backseat to an expanding to-do list. So when autumn sunlight slants low in the sky and mornings take on a bit of chill, it’s time to recommit and reorganize your fitness routine to ensure you stay on track during the busy season. Here are a few simple tips to make that happen:

The ultimate goal is for exercise to become a habit that you don’t have to think about, like brushing your teeth or taking vitamins. An effective way to build a new habit is to link it to one that is already established. For instance, if you shop for groceries every Saturday, always hit the gym on your way to the store. Or build exercise into your lunch hour by taking 5 minutes to do a round of squats, pushups, lunges, and cat-cow before you dig into your meal. When you’re talking on the phone, get up and walk around the block or up and down the hall.

Treat exercise as you would any other commitment and put it in your calendar. If possible, make this a recurring appointment at the same time(s) each week so exercise becomes part of the fabric of your day.

Chances are your friends and family also are looking for ways to maintain healthy habits during the busy season. Walk with a neighbor every morning before things get harried. Stop at the park for a quick game of tag with the kids on the way home from school. Or meet a friend at the gym before or after work. Not only will you move your body, but you’ll feed your soul by connecting with others in a positive way.

In the still of the morning, as you sip your coffee or tea, take a few minutes to appreciate what your body can do and mentally commit to that time during your day when you plan to exercise. Movement helps keep your body strong, healthy and resilient. It reduces stress and boosts mental clarity. And it provides opportunities for a positive connection with others. Take care of yourself in the coming months and you’ll find it easier to take care of others, too.

*Angie Dobrowski is Club Manager at Active Wellness Center Kruse Woods in Lake Oswego, Oregon. An experienced personal trainer, group fitness instructor and nutrition coach, she loves to get outside and move every chance she gets, whether it’s hiking, skiing, exploring, or walking her giant furry dog.

Team Active content is not medical advice; it’s inspiration to live actively!