Many of us are told every day to adhere to a number of steps, calories burned, or a specific heart rate zone. Without a plan of how to accomplish those feats, it can be tough to make any progress with those metrics.


Take a simple movement like walking and level up your training by adjusting volume and intensity to fast track your results.


One of my favorite variations of walking is by adding weight. This is called rucking.
Rucking is simply walking with added weight in a backpack or weighted vest. It offers several benefits including strength and endurance, increased calorie burn, and improved posture and core strength.


Rucking can be done anywhere! The gym, a park, a hiking trail, or simply around your neighborhood. You can easily incorporate rucking into your routine.


Start with a manageable load depending on your distance and intensity. Gradually increase the weight over time. Find a durable backpack with a chest and waist strap that offers plenty of padding on the shoulders. This will help minimize discomfort for longer distances.
Start with 10-15 lbs. in a backpack or weight vest.

Ready to give it a try?


Coach Marc’s 4-Week Rucking Plan


Week 1 
Days per week: 3
Upon Waking Ruck: 10 min.
Post Dinner Ruck:  20 min.
Week 2 
Days per week: 4
Morning, midday, or evening Ruck: 30 min.
Week 3 
Days per week: 4
45 min. Ruck
Week 4
Days per week: Every Other Day
60 min. Ruck