Self-care, we hear a lot about it but what does it really mean? When the pandemic hit, I thought it was about mental health. However, by March of 2021 I found myself heavier than I had ever been and my health was suffering. Not only was I overweight, but I was reacting to most everything I ate. I reached out for help and saw an allergist. I learned that several foods I ate regularly were causing me to have severe allergic reactions, so I cut them out of my life. Next, I focused on calorie counting and boy did I get good at it! I dropped 40 pounds over the next year.

Then my husband and I joined Active at Reeds Crossing. This would lead to my next step in self-care. I met Sergio during my free personal training appointment. This would be a life changer. I decided that self-care now meant investing in my health like never before. I arranged to have ten hours of personal training with Sergio. I let him know I wanted to continue losing weight and to get my balance back. He took the time to really work with me on conditioning my core, increasing muscle and bone mass, while lowering my visceral fat. He helped me understand how to eat to increase my health. I then decided to invest in my health again and arranged for another 10 hours with Sergio. The outcome? My muscle mass is up, my bone mass is up, my weight is in a good place (I will keep working at it!) I have terrific balance; my ankles are strong and support me so well. I feel good in my skin. I am healthier than I have been in years.

Sergio is a terrific guide who listens and supports you as you work through all the ups and downs that come with creating a healthier lifestyle. Self-care = taking care of all of you! Sometimes you need a coach, and I would highly recommend Sergio for your adventure in discovering a healthier you. Thank you, Sergio!

Belynda Griffin