Cindy found her movement motivation at Active at Kruse Woods after her 60th birthday, trying out various classes until settling on her favorites. Her enthusiasm and commitment have led to real results, including weight loss and improved health markers.

Read Cindy’s inspiring story for more details on how she achieved her goals with the help of the club’s instructors and fitness specialists.

Cindy’s story: First it was Yoga. Then LIFT & Balance, which segued into Pilates and Boot Camp (“thought I was gonna die”) and Zumba. Now a Cardio Fusion regular and Pilates devotee, Cindy Culver worked her way around Active Wellness Center and our class schedule until she found her movement motivation. “After my 60th birthday, I decided it was time to head back to the gym,” she said. Not really knowing where to start other than she wanted to do classes, Cindy read through the descriptions to help her decide which ones would be suitable. “The instructors and other people in every class I took made me feel welcome from the very start,” she said. “The instructors give us good direction and remind us to work at our own pace. I don’t ever feel like a fish out of water and that makes me want to keep coming back.”

Cindy is an accountant who owns her own business, and that allows her flexibility to go to the club when she wants. She can work classes into her day and still have time to hang out with her husband, son and two dogs. “During Covid, we walked the dogs every day but at some point, it just didn’t feel like enough. I knew I needed to kick it up a notch for my health.” Cindy played the game right: She started slow, tried (almost) everything, and settled on the classes that she enjoyed and that felt right. “I love love love Pilates,” she gushed.

“You walk out of there knowing that you used every muscle in your body. I even bought some equipment so I could do the exercises at home, too. I feel so good when I’m done; it’s definitely a keeper.”

Cindy’s enthusiasm and commitment have led to real results that she didn’t necessarily expect. Her A1C, blood glucose levels, and triglycerides already have dropped thanks to her new exercise routine. “I’ve lost weight and inches, too; my pants are looser! I’ve never seen results like this…it’s such an emotional thing for me. I felt terrible before coming back to the gym and it’s incredibly powerful to see what your body can do when you choose to move.”

Cindy’s next goal is to hone her nutrition with the help of our Fitness Specialists to ensure she’s fueling her body for maximum energy and results. We know she’ll tackle that with the same gusto that helped her get through the Boot Camp burpees.

Keep smiling and sweating, Cindy…we’re so excited for you!