By Fitness Manager David Haebler

People often focus on their weight, but the scale doesn’t tell you everything. Check out these tips by our Fitness Manager David Haebler on how to track progress beyond weigh-ins to stay motivated and feeling your best!  

Weight fluctuations happen often and may be caused by exertion, stress, hormonal changes, among countless other factors. We recommend that you take your average weight over the course of several weeks to get a better metric for your weight.  Here are 3 great ways to know you’re making progress without the scale: 

1) Check yourself out! Visually seeing your results from weekly selfies or looking in the mirror can be highly motivating to keep going.
2) Notice how your clothes fit. Are they looser? That’s a sign that your body is becoming more dense and your composition is changing. Your weight may actually increase with muscle gain, which is three times denser by volume than adipose tissue (fat).
3) Check your energy level. As you exercise regularly, you’ll likely feel an increase in your daily energy before you see changes on the scale. Many positive physiological changes are happening internally that go beyond what we can see, including improved cell efficiency, cardiac output and neural connection to tissue-to name just a few. 

So be sure to take note and congratulate yourself on all signs of progress, no matter how large or small! For further support, ask any Personal Trainer for help in setting up and tracking your fitness goals.


Active Blog content is not medical advice; it’s inspiration to live actively. See any Personal Trainer for personalized recommendations for your fitness goals. We’re here to help!