Congratulations to our June Employee of the Month, Sam!

Sam has worked at Active for 8 months, and in this time she has become invaluable with her ability to organize everything she can get her hands on at, behind and around the front desk. Her favorite place to be at Active is the pool. She can swim laps for hours and always appreciates the poolside community we have here. Sam is motivated to work out because “I value my long-term health. My body performs constant miracles for me, I feel the least I can do is honor its need for movement and feed it good things in return.” This is evident even at the Service Desk as she’s constantly moving and making sure our members feel welcome. 

Outside of the gym, Sam does a lot of volunteer work including fundraising for Sonoma County non-profits and participating in Indigenous cultural preservation and educational events. 

“I appreciate all the people who take time to say hello and share their warmth with me. I really truly love my job and look forward to being a part of so many peoples’ day, hopefully for the better.”

One unique thing about Sam is that she is a clown at heart; and a pretty decent juggler. She spent a short time performing as a children’s entertainer. If you ask her to sing you a song she probably will. Anytime you need a pick-me-up, just stop by and say hello to Sam—she’s always here with a smile.