Congratulations to our April Employee of the Month, Jenn! Jenn has been a Kadence Instructor at Active Wellness Center Petaluma for 5 years. Jenn was a member for many years prior to becoming a spin instructor. As a member, she was tough and enjoyed a good fitness challenge. Her passion for working hard carried over to her teaching style. She challenges members with a very motivating and upbeat style. Jenn’s favorite thing to do at Active is to take Kadence classes. Her favorite exercises are Indoor cycling for cardio and Fit Makers for strength. Staying healthy motivates Jenn to continue working out as she wants to maintain a long, healthy, and active lifestyle. Outside of the gym, Jenn enjoys wine tasting, spending time with her three awesome kids, and hiking. She strives to still be hiking well into her 90s. 

Jenn has overcome her fair share of obstacles in her fitness journey. Last summer, she developed a very rare condition in which the immune system attacks the nerves, causing muscle weakness, or even paralysis. It can also impact the lungs. Throughout the treatment process, Jenn’s doctors were constantly commenting on how strong she was, despite the circumstances.  Jenn attributes her commitment to health and exercise as what helped reduce the overall effects of the disease and has helped contribute to her recovery.

Jenn teaches Kadence on Tuesday evenings at 5:30pm. Make sure to check out her class and congratulate her for winning Employee of the Month!