If you’re an early bird at Active Wellness Center Kruse Woods, then you’ve likely met our new Fitness Specialist Mike Kachnik, who gets the club’s engines humming for your morning workouts.

Mike is an experienced personal trainer and health and wellness coach with more than a decade helping people build competence and confidence in the club.

A native of Las Vegas, Mike has been a lifelong athlete, playing baseball and football throughout high school and college. Mike believes in building solid foundational movement patterns before earning your way into complex exercises and heavier lifts.

“A solid training program does not have to be complicated. I help my clients master the basics and then progressively add load to build strength consistent with their goals.”

Mike holds a BS in Exercise Science – Integrative Physiology, and is certified by the National College of Sports Medicine. He has provided personal training services at a variety of fitness centers across the Portland metro area, and has helped many people improve their health and wellness as an independent consultant. Mike lives in Beaverton with his partner and two ferrets, and enjoys working out, playing sports, reading, and writing in his spare time.

If you are interested in learning how Mike can help you build strength and #LIVEACTIVELY, please approach him in the club or email michael.kachnik@activewellnesscenter.com.

We’re so glad to have Mike in our wonderful fitness community at Active Wellness Center at Kruse Woods!