Look up “resilient” in the dictionary and you may see a photo of Active Wellness Center at Kruse Woods member Jim Colahan, who has endured a barrage of health issues only to come out smiling – always smiling – on the other side. He’s now a thriving, active member of our Kruse Woods community, taking classes, working out on EGYM and enjoying feeling good for the first time in years. “My brain and body are firing back up; I can feel the renewal of my life here,” he said.

Ten years ago, Jim was not feeling well at all. He had begun showing signs of illness that appeared to be Parkinson’s but turned out to be Cushing’s disease, a rare and progressive disorder caused by benign tumors on the adrenal glands. Jim had three surgeries to treat the disease and ended up having a stroke in the process, which required a fourth surgery to relieve pressure on the brain. After spending two months in intensive care and a month in skilled nursing, Jim finally returned home to continue his recovery. “I was completely helpless. I had to relearn everything from eating to walking.”

Jim was in physical therapy for a number of years but yearned to get back into independent exercise. “I tried several different gyms but it was all so overwhelming. My body didn’t work right and I felt lost.” Jim then heard that Kruse Woods had reopened with new EGYM equipment. “I thought it was the perfect place to transition from physical therapy into a gym setting because it was smaller and friendlier, and I could get some one-on-one help. Boy, did I ever! My physical strength and balance are improving, and the encouragement I receive from other members and the staff is wonderful.” Jim’s neurologist and physical therapist are equally pleased with his progress!

Having traveled the world as an international manufacturing rep, Jim is happy to be settled back in Portland and making new friends at Kruse Woods. “People share here. They encourage each other, they smile…it’s the most wonderful thing we can get from one another. My quality of life is so much better here.”


Jim, thank you for being a member. We’re so inspired by your resilience and want to thank you for sharing your story. We know it will inspire others in the Lake Oswego community and beyond!