Your summer trip doesn’t have to get in the way of your workouts and getting in exercise so that you can feel your best. Try these tips to add more movement in during your summer travel plans.
  1. Pack your walking shoes. Make sure to pack or wear a comfortable pair of walking shoes. If you’re at the airport or train station waiting for your trip, don’t just sit there – get up and explore, take a few laps. Challenge yourself to get in a few extra steps before you board. Having comfortable shoes may motivate you to move a little more when you might sit tight in those flip-flops.
  2. Take the scenic route. Explore wherever you are by foot. Don’t be afraid to wander and discover new places. Not only is this good for the soul but a good way to build more steps into your day.
  3. Be a kid again. Play chase, climb the jungle gym, do some hopscotch or jump rope. All those fun activities our kids do are a great way to break a sweat and have a little fun!
  4. Hit the hotel gym or do a virtual workout before your day starts. Don’t let the day get ahead of you. If you have time, try out the hotel gym or do a virtual workout on your phone. You’ll be so glad you started the day with a workout and your endorphins will be flowing which guarantees you a feel-good day ahead.
  5. Try something new. When we are outside our comfort zones and somewhere new, it’s a great time to push ourselves to do something we have never done before when it comes to fitness or movement. Consider kayaking, taking a surf lesson, or renting a bike to explore the city!

Remember, you are on vacation! Do what you can, when you can. It’s okay and good to relax and have downtime. Your workout might not be as intense one day or you might not hit your typical steps on vacation, but you’ll get back to it when you are back home. The goal of building activity into your vacation is to feel your best and enjoy your well-deserved time away!

*Team Active content is not medical advice; it’s inspiration to live actively!

Written by:
Elizabeth Studebaker, Active Senior Marketing Manager leads employee communications and new business marketing to support the organization.