You’ve likely been told at some point that you should “eat the rainbow,” right? Well, there’s a reason for this! Not only is a colorful plate picturesque, but it is much more likely to offer a nice variety of nutrients, which is important for supporting a range of essential body functions and overall health. Lucky for us, summer is right around the corner, which means that many of our favorite colorful fruits and veggies will be in season!

Though it would be ideal to know which foods contain optimal levels of antioxidants or vitamin C, it’s unrealistic to constantly research foods or read every nutrition label, attempting to get in all your nutrients. One way to vary nutrient consumption without putting in too much time or effort, is to simply focus on filling your plate with different colors. Believe it or not, different colored foods contain different nutrients – all of which offer various benefits. Below are just few of the benefits associated with foods based on their color!

Green = Chlorophyll

  • Infection and wound healing properties
  • Bone health

Yellow/Orange = Carotenoids

  • Eye health
  • Immune health

Red, blue, purple & colorless or white/yellow = Flavonoids

  • Anti-inflammatory properties
  • Chronic illness and cancer prevention

In addition to varying the colors on your plate, you can also look at how pigmented certain foods are. As a guideline, deep, dark pigments are typically associated with higher nutrient content. So, if you’re choosing between two of the same fruits, select the more pigmented one!

That being said, you have some control over how pigmented and colorful your foods are. Have you ever noticed that when cooking, the color of the food changes and often dulls? This is because their chemical composition is being changed, and more often than not, their nutrient content is being diminished as well. So, try to cut your cooking time or switch up the ways that you prepare your foods in order to preserve some of that pigment that will ultimately produce a colorful plate!

The bottom line is, aim to add some color to your meals this summer. Getting in a variety of nutrients doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming. In fact, it can be a fun opportunity to try new foods, recipes or ingredients!


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