After inactivity from COVID and losing weight and muscle mass, Jim returned to a fitness routine and joined Active at Reed’s Crossing with the goal to build muscle mass, strength and increase overall weight. With consistency and dedication working toward his goals, Jim says he feels stronger than he’s ever felt in the last five years and appreciates the routines from Personal Trainer, Sergio and the friendly and helpful staff at Active at Reed’s Crossing who have been a part of his progress.  Check out Jim’s full inspirational story below.

Jim’s Story:

“I’ve maintained a physically active lifestyle nearly all my life.  Through elementary school and high school, I participated in three sports but in college I was too small and/or too slow to compete.  However, at that time I found distance running and a little later took up bicycling, which were both significant parts of my life for 30 years until my knees told me it was time to stop running.  Bicycling and hiking/backpacking have continued until today.  

Over the years, I picked up a smattering of resistance training routines that I used in five different fitness centers, never receiving professional training guidance.  In 2019, after retirement, I finally worked with a professional trainer for a short time until Covid struck, which disrupted my training and conditioning significantly through 2021.  By late 2021, I had lost 14 pounds through inactivity and a bout with the virus.  In early 2022, I resumed a moderate workout schedule and recovered some of the weight and conditioning but was still well short of my prior fitness level.  

I learned of Active Wellness in late 2022 and decided to check it out, with a view to regaining my previous weight and even improving strength and muscle mass.  From my first visit, I was impressed with the facilities and the staff, and I became a member in November 2022.  After a short time becoming acquainted with the operation, I set up a training schedule with Sergio, which led to second session and a third, each of which have been very helpful toward my goals.  These days, I’m employing the routines I’ve learned at least three times a week.  My weight is now at the pre-covid level, and I’m stronger than I’ve been for at least five years.  

My experience at Active Wellness has been by far the best I’ve ever had with a fitness center.  Contributing factors include the quality and features of the facility, the quality and variety of equipment, and probably most importantly the staff, including Sergio, David, Lilly, Jon and Erika. These folks are the most friendly, helpful, and competent fitness center staff I’ve had the pleasure to work with.  I look forward to a long and healthy relationship!”

– Jim Barclay

Jim, thank you for sharing your story with us! We have seen your consistency and growth toward your goals and your dedication toward your health has inspired us!