Re:Act Brain and Body Training

Transform your workout with brain-boosting Re:Act Training

Certified Brain Health Trainers Zach Ovall and Sergio Landeros are ready to take your physical and cognitive health to a whole new level with Re:Act Brain and Body Training. This specialized personal training program combines cardiovascular and strength training with “exergaming” challenges designed to improve your fitness along with attention, memory, processing speed and more. The result is a sharper, fitter you.

Applicable to any age and level of fitness, Re:Act training can be customized for clinical patients, athletes, and those who simply want to maximize their physical and mental fitness. An initial 60-minute assessment informs your 12-week program, which dials up or down the physical and cognitive demands to ensure you are appropriately challenged and consistently progressing. 

Active Wellness Center at Reed’s Crossing is the only fitness center in the Northwest to offer this type of dynamic programming using state-of-the-art SMARTfit and Dividat Senso equipment. You have to feel it to believe it, so book a 15-min demo with Zach or Sergio and prepare to experience fitness on a whole new level. For more information, contact Medical Fitness Manager Angie Dobrowski at

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