Try wall slides to help counteract extended hours spent in front of a computer or commuting or traveling. Active Challenge: complete 10 wall slides daily for the next 30 days to noticeably improve shoulder aches, back pain and posture.

  • Stand against a wall with feet about six inches apart.
  • Keep lower back pressed into the wall by engaging the core.
  • Place arms in ‘cactus’ or ‘field goal’ position with your upper arms parallel to the floor and hands pointing toward the ceiling.
  • Your lower back, elbows, the backs of hands and back of head should remain in contact with the wall throughout the entire movement. Keep the core engaged and your ribs slightly tucked to avoid an arch in the lower back.
  • Take a deep breath as you push your hands up and straighten your arms to ‘raise the roof’.
  • Inhale all the way at the top.
  • Exhale as you pull your arms back down to original position while keeping back, elbows, backs of hands and back of head pressed into wall.
  • Squeeze and hold at the bottom.
  • Repeat 9 times for 10 reps total each day.