Grab a friend or your +1 to get double the results with these moves from Active Union Square Personal Trainers Charles Abonce and Monica Tatsumi. Take turns doing each move and complete as a circuit together.

Beginners: Start with two rounds of 30 seconds of each exercise
Progress to 3–4 rounds at 30 seconds to one minute of each exercise

Medicine Ball Twisting Pass
Stand back-to-back with feet hip-width apart. Pass the ball to your partner, keeping abs engaged, back straight, elbows tight and ball close to body. Go for time; be sure to switch directions.

Medicine Ball Toss Crunch
Lie on back holding medicine ball at chest, lift up shoulders to crunch, throw medicine ball to partner, catch the ball on the bounce back while rolling back down. Go for time for each person (versus counting the number completed).

Ask a Personal Trainer for help. Grab the bar with hands shoulder-width apart. Bend your knees and keep going until your shins touch the bar. Lift your chest & straighten your back while taking a big breath to hold and stand up. Complete as many as possible while maintaining good form.

Be sure to ask an Active Personal Trainer for assistance with your workout program – we’re here to help!