Meet Vivian Perry-March Member Feature

We wanted to introduce you to Vivian, one of our dedicated members. Vivian is a Founding Member at Active. Her favorite classes are Yoga and Zumba. She’s interested in trying out swimming to add into her workout routine too. Vivian’s motivation comes from her understanding that exercising with a community helps to keep her mentally and physically healthy. Her and her husband are retired and taking Group Fitness classes is a healthy hobby that Vivian does regularly. “I love the community and the instructors,” says Vivian.
Outside of the club, she enjoys reading, sewing, and mentoring youth. As a former educator, Vivian looks for opportunities to help young people in the community. Fun Fact: she loves to travel and wants to do more! Australia, Japan and Africa are next up on the list.
Thank you, Vivian, for always spreading joy when you come to the club. We appreciate you and what you bring to the Active community.