Onna Hadley

I teach Mat and Reformer Pilates, and have been teaching here at Synergy Health Club for 8 years. I incorporate Pilates into all aspects of my personal training as well. I love that Pilates can change a very fit person and also help to rehabilitate another. It runs the full gamut of the physical well being spectrum. Joseph Pilates said “change happens through movement and movement heals.” I totally agree with that quote and Pilates can provide the exact movement that you didn’t know your body needs.

Nancy Healy

I teach private clients as well as group classes. In the past I have worked with rehab patients – rehabbing from car accidents, back surgeries as well as knee replacements. I love the way Pilates strengthens, adds flexibility, coordination, balance, tones, stretches and can also provide cardio (with the jump board). The benefits of Pilates are similar to what I love about it but also how the overall strength, flexibility, coordination and balance turn into daily life improvements for people providing them with better posture, efficient movement, coordination and help relieve pain; especially back pain. Pilates centers around the powerhouse (core) and helps with building flat abs, toned thighs and flutes and strong backs.

Kelly Renda

My specialty is working with people in a pattern of pain or dysfunction, using the underlying principles of Pilates to re-train those patterns. In Pilates, there should be as much mental involvement as there is physical. Joseph Pilates understood that both are necessary to create a pain-free body, and I strive to carry on his teachings to the best of my ability. I love when people have that ah-ha moment, when things click between the mind and body and a sense of ease and flow are achieved in their body and in their movements. Once you understand the connection and relationship between the mind and body, and that true health involves the syncing of both – the possibilities and benefits of Pilates are truly endless.