From an active childhood to playing Division I college soccer, Paige has always been active and now continues to stay motivated by knowing and feeling the amazing benefits a healthy life can provide. 
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Paige’s Story:

“I was always a very active child and my parents enrolled me in all different sports growing up from horseback riding to field hockey. My favorite sport was soccer and I was recruited to play at a Division I college. After spending so many years training and playing every day, fitness became engrained in my lifestyle. Although my training is much less strenuous now, I stay motivated by wanting to live a healthful life. Working out helps me feel my best mentally and physically and with all the new research coming out about the amazing direct benefits of exercise, even down to the cellular level, it’s not hard to want to keep moving my body. 

I love Active’s focus on overall wellness. Staying fit isn’t just about lifting weights or running and that’s why I love all of Active’s offerings. From Pilates and Yoga classes, to the recovery Re:Store Lab, and the sauna and hot tub, Active has everything needed to keep your body functioning at its top performance levels throughout your lifetime. The ability to access all of these different resources for overall health, fitness, and wellness is what makes Active a perfect fit for me!”


Thank you for sharing your Active story with us, Paige! Your energy is contagious and we are inspired by your dedication and excitement toward living a healthy life!