This most wonderful time of year can be stressful for many people, with seemingly too much to do and too little time to do it. If you are on a health and wellness journey, know that maintenance IS progress during the holidays. Now is not the time for lofty new goals, but rather focusing on the boring basics to keep yourself on track – and as sane as possible – throughout the busy season.


During the holidays, Exercise can be your escape from stress or an opportunity to connect with others. Good nutrition will give you energy and help keep you from nibbling mindlessly during all that time in the kitchen. Sleep will help you recharge and re-energize, and Stress management will help you actually enjoy yourself despite all the craziness. Following are a few ways to put these healthy habits into motion now so you won’t feel completely drained come New Year.

Choose three non-negotiables and set them as daily intentions. For example:

I will take a walk every day during my lunch break. 

I will eat a protein-packed breakfast before I start baking cookies. 

I will put away my phone when I turn out the lights and head to bed. 

I will drink a big glass of water before my morning coffee.

You may notice that each of the above habits are linked to an already existing habit, which may make them easier to adopt. After all, it’s the little actions we take on a consistent basis (aka “a routine”) that lead to real progress. 


Prepare for roadblocks. These can be internal (i.e. I have no willpower, I just don’t feel like taking my morning walk, I need a cocktail (or several) to get through dinner with my family), or external (Auntie Karen will bring up politics at the table, there will be copious amounts of sweets at every function, you’re planning your work holiday party and you know Kevin will drink a few too many and then hit on all the singles). Plan ahead for these challenges and they’ll seem less daunting if/when they actually come to fruition.


Give yourself credit for the little things you’re doing well, no matter how small. Expect setbacks, not perfection, and get right back on that horse if you fall off. Remember: You’re only one meal, workout or sleep away from being on track again.


Have a happy and healthy holiday!