There are no rules to creating a fitness lifestyle that works for you, and everyone is free to have their own style in the gym. The best fitness routine is the one you’ll actually do, so make it enjoyable. Below are some quick tips for building a routine you enjoy.  

  • Find what you enjoy doing that keeps you Active. Find what excites you, because that’s what will keep you coming back. Not sure what you enjoy? We love that because it means you have opportunity. Try out group classes, give The ZONE group training class a try, ask a trainer for a new exercise to implement, cycle in Hawaii (using the screens on the bikes) or pick a goal like a 5k and start working toward that goal step by step.
  • Find yourself an accountability partner. This doesn’t mean you need to workout together, although you absolutely can! It means you’ll have someone to share your goals with, share when motivation is low and you need a push, someone to try new things with or even someone to go to the gym with, then do your own thing.
  • Be your #1 fan. Many times we can be our biggest critics, but we can flip the script and be our biggest cheerleaders. Support yourself in how your talk to yourself and start each day with a clean slate of opportunity, care and love yourself. 

When you begin to enjoy your Active routine and become your own biggest supporter, the results you’re looking for will start to follow – whether it is mental, physical or both. 

Let’s step into 2024 together with self-care, opportunity and joy for what our bodies do for us!