Fall Prevention Session begins soon

Active at Reed’s Crossing is hosting their second Fall Prevention Session running from 4/2/24 – 5/9/24

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, an older adult falls every second of every day. And while some falls don’t cause injury, one in five falls does result in a broken bone or head injury. Don’t allow yourself or a loved one to become a statistic: Let our experienced team help you keep your feet firmly planted on the ground by developing core strength and balance skills essential for active living. 

Active at Reed’s Crossing’s next Fall Prevention session begins April 2 with activities and exercises designed to improve strength, balance, independence, fall risk awareness, and overall health of participants. Led by Medical Fitness Manager Angie Dobrowski and experienced program instructors, these multi-level group classes feature balance training, lower body and core strength development, and mobility work. 

Here’s what our winter session participants had to say about their experience:

“As someone who has had several significant falls in the past, I knew I had to do something to maintain my independence. Even though I do have a healthcare background and knowledge of the physical body, I found this class to be extremely helpful. The sessions were structured and well thought out. The feedback provided was very helpful in giving me insight to which skills I need to continue to work on to remain safely mobile. Even though the class is only 6 weeks long, I feel I have made significant improvements in my balance and strength. I would highly recommend attending sessions if you have fallen, or even feel you are at risk.”

“As an active senior, I have experienced a few falls during sports activities. These falls had an impact on my overall enjoyment and success as a player, and they eventually started to erode my confidence. The improved strength, stability, posture, and gait has made a significant improvement in my enjoyment of sports. The Program has also benefited my daily life in climbing stairs, working on household duties, and reaching for or carrying heavy items.”

“My experience in the Fall Prevention course has taught me the importance of balance. It sounds so simple but the techniques the instructors are showing us are complex and I would have no idea how to improve my mobility without them. I plan to be in the April class and continue to work towards better mobility and safety.”

Our next session runs April 2 – May 9 and space is limited. Assessments for new participants will be held in Studio 1 on Thurs., March 28 from 12pm – 2pm. Required for participation, these assessments will help identify which class level is most appropriate for you, and will also provide us with a starting point from which to measure your progress. Classes themselves will be held in Studio 2 on Tuesdays & Thursdays, with Level 1 from 1pm-1:45pm, and Level 2 from 2pm-2:45 pm. 

Cost is $110 for members and $160 for nonmembers, per person, per 6-week session. You can enroll in a single 6-week session or in multiple sessions as space allows. Providence Medicare Advantage will cover the cost for plan members.

Enrollment opens March 12; reserve your spot through the Active app.

Please reach out to Active at Reed’s Crossing with any questions at 503-512-5010 or by emailing Angie Dobrowski at angie.dobrowski@activewellnesscenter.com