Active at NorthBay Health Team Member of the Month- Meet Halley Quinonez

You see her smiling face every morning at the Service Desk here at Active at NorthBay Health. Let’s learn more about Halley with a fun Q&A session:

● How long have you been a team member?
I’ve been a team member at the club since September 2023.
● What is your favorite thing to do at the Club as a member?
As a member, I love coming in to work with the trainers. All of them are so personable and motivate me to be persistent.
● What is your favorite thing about working at Active?                                         
My favorite thing about working at Active is getting to build friendships with the members and team. Active really is one big family that I’m grateful I get to be a part of.
● What motivates you to #LiveActively?
What motivates me to stay active is being and staying healthy, also makes me feel less guilty about “cheat day!”
● How has working here and working out here helped you?
Working with the trainers at Active has made me way more confident in my workout routine, as well as confident in myself. Working at Active has helped me establish new relationships that affect me positively when I’m outside of the club.
 Favorite hobby outside of the Club? 
I love snowboarding in Truckee, and snuggling with my pit-puppy Wendy. I also love painting nails for my friends and family, and listening to true-crime podcasts.
 Fun fact?
Additional facts: I think my opening/early morning crew are the best folks ever!
Be sure to say hi to Halley on your next visit in.