Kent has been working hard on building his strength, cardio and muscle mass back up after a few surgeries & the COVID lockdown kept him from being able to workout. You can find him in his favorite area of Active, the cycle studio, which has helped him build his cardiovascular capacity back up! Motivated by staying healthy and living a healthful life, Kent has been dedicated to his workouts, and we’ve been inspired by his consistency and dedication!
Check out Kent’s full story below!

Kent’s Story:

I was excited to find Active at Reed’s Crossing. The focus on health and clean environment, with knowledgeable and experienced staff have made my journey a welcome oasis. I was able to work with David in my first few weeks, taking a few training sessions. That experience and encouragement from David has provided exactly the emphasis on health I was requiring. Simone, with the cycling class, has been an ongoing incentive to work hard with many insights to develop my strength.

I started late in the exercise game, not being very athletic (I did grow up on a farm with chores) and joined a gym during my first full-time job many years ago, continuing this habit throughout my working career. With the recent cancer and hernia surgery over the last two years, with the addition of covid closures earlier….I lost muscle and strength.  

I found the last three months have improved muscle strength, stamina, breath and energy. This has been very encouraging and allows the future to look healthier and promising for continuing an active lifestyle. The staff have been very friendly and helpful in providing services and information, including Jon and Naomi.

Thank you for sharing your Active story with us, Kent! Your hard work in the HIIT Classes, training sessions and the way you continue to stay dedicated to your health inspires us! Thank you for being a member of Active at Reed’s Crossing!