Staff Spotlight: Zach Ovall

Zach is a personal trainer, mobility specialist and nutrition coach who has extensive experience working with clients with chronic health conditions, disabilities, and neurological differences. He is creating fitness programming for Activate members, conducting Re:Act sessions, and training members on the fitness floor. 

As one who has suffered injuries climbing and running, and who has learned how to manage his own ADHD, Zach brings empathy and understanding to clients working through their unique challenges. “Learning how to adapt to my body’s biomechanical and neurological needs has made a huge difference in my life, and I try to bring that personal experience into my coaching practice.” Zach grounds his work as a coach and educator in principles of equity, liberation, and community.

When he’s not in the gym, Zach spends his free time playing complicated board games, exploring antique malls, and working in his garden. 

You will find Zach upstairs in the Activate space or out on the fitness floor. Send Zach an email at for a complimentary 15-minute Re:Act demo and see what brain and body training can do for you!