Active Wellness Center at NorthBay Health| Member of the Month| April 2024 |Terralyn Renfro

Terralyn is a dedicated member at Active at NorthBay Health in Vacaville. She takes advantage of all the club has to offer, which helps keep her workout routine fresh and fun and keeps her coming back for more! Let’s learn more about Terralyn’s journey and her mission to #LiveActively. 

1) How long have you been a member?

I have been a member since late July 2023, just before the Grand Opening. Prior

to that, I had been a member when it was HealthSpring Fitness before the

COVID-19 Pandemic.

2) What is your favorite thing to do at the Club?

My favorite classes, so far, are Strength & Balance, Aqua Fit, and Pilates

Reformer. However, I’m always on the lookout for new classes to try and look

forward to adding more to my List of Favorites! I also enjoy relaxing in the spa

after a hard workout and meeting new people!

3) What motivates you to stay active?

I believe that health is wealth! I am currently motivated to stay active in

preparation for an upcoming total knee replacement surgery. I want to be in the

best shape possible for surgery and recovery so I can fully return to some of the

physical activities (i.e. roller skating, dancing, and international travel) that I love

so much! Also, being a former three-sport athlete (softball/volleyball/flag football),

I continue to look for activities that challenge my body and quench my

competitive thirst as I age.

4) How has being a member here helped you?

I have learned much from my group instructors about proper form, safety, and the

practical everyday uses of the exercises that are being taught. I have also gained

nuggets of wisdom from other club members who have so graciously shared

some of their own personal health and life journeys with me. I love to learn!

5) Favorite hobbies outside of the Club?

When not busy working full-time as a Forensic Psychologist, I enjoy outings with

friends, mentoring and tutoring, Bible Study and Discipleship, playing with my fur

babies, writing/collecting inspirational sayings, attending musical

concerts/festivals/theater productions/lectures, playing classic Atari video

games/billiards/table tennis, Gen X nostalgia, all things Michael Jackson,

studying Spanish at home and abroad, singing, listening to multiple genres of

music, and watching historical and biographical documentaries on TV.

6) Fun fact: Next international travel stop – Greece!

Thank you, Terralyn. Your dedication to your health is beautiful to see. We’re happy to be part of your journey.