I have been in the fitness industry for over 20 years and we always see a huge upswing in members and energy in the gym come the New Year. It’s understandable why folks want to have a concrete time that they can establish some new habits, goals and adaptations to their life

They say that only about 20% of people actually achieve their New Year’s resolution and usually that has something to do with weight loss. So here are a few habits and ideas that you can implement into your new routine to achieve some success this coming year.

1. One Step at a Time

Start with one or two small new habits that you can build on. These are incremental goals. Examples could be, eating a solid protein dense breakfast, drinking more water, adding a small stretch routine to your morning, joining a class once a week, etc. Then begin to “stack” more habits onto one another. There is research this is the best way to maintain weight loss and make things achievable and long lasting.

2. Make it Fun

So many of us have forgotten what it is like to play like a kid and have a blast doing it. Start to add in some playful physical things that you enjoy. Play pickup basketball or pickleball, learn to snowboard this season, try golf out, join a hiking club, get in your garden, etc. Play is fun, keeps us happy, burns calories and is exercise as well. 

3. Join a Program

Joining a program, having a coach or being a regular at a class like The ZONE has shown to keep folks motivated, engaged and sticking to their goals. If a new member does not have one of these programs or coaches, statistics show that about 85% of those members will fall off from their healthy lifestyle. 


Ready to make 2024 your best year yet? Focus on one or all three of these goals and see what positive impact in can make for you. If you’re ready to take your goals to the next level, visit the front service desk or our training staff in the gym to chat about our various programs like The ZONE, Activate EGYM, or Personal Training. Questions? Give us a call at Active at Reed’s Crossing at 503-512-5010.