See your doctor for a referral to Active Wellness Center*
Decades of clinical research indicates that regular exercise can aid in the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases (e.g, cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, depression, obesity, osteoporosis, etc.) This 60-day program is designed for those who may have a medical condition or physical limitation and need the extra care and assistance starting an exercise program.

The patient will be guided through safe and effective exercises to meet their individual needs and goals. Many of these patients have been referred for post physical or orthopedic therapy, as a supplemental program for weight management, mental or other health conditions.

Additional benefits of program:

  • Full 60 day access to Active Wellness Center and all our amenities
  • Initial and final comprehensive assessment and evaluation by our professionally certified training staff
  • Two 1-hour personalized training sessions based on your goals and needs
  • Bi-weekly check in support from highly educated and trained staff
  • Uncapped potential to improve physical, mental and emotional health