Success comes from a fitness approach that works for you. It is not one size fits all. To help you build a well-balanced routine, our Certified Personal Trainers will tailor a program that meets your individual needs.

Let’s get on the path to more efficient, effective, and more importantly, fun workouts.

Welcome Workouts

You’ve taken the first step by joining, and now we’re eager to help support your journey with your Complimentary Welcome Workout sessions. In your first Welcome Workout session, we’ll match you with one of our certified personal trainers to discuss your goals, interests and schedule. Then, using advanced body composition technology, we’ll measure our starting point in just 60 seconds to be able to track progress. The InBody Scan (also complimentary and $30 value) will generate a report to help customize the right plan for you.

Let’s get started – book your first Welcome Workout session!

*Welcome Workouts are complimentary to all new members and consist of two separate sessions. Each session is 50 minutes allowing our team 10 minutes of admin time following your session. Booking is allowed for up to 7 days ahead. Cancellation policy is 24 hours or your session will be forfeited. The second Welcome Workout session will be booked during your first session.

Find the Right Training For You

Personal Training

Life-changing results.

Personal training is an effective way to take your fitness goals to the next level. Achieve results with the motivation, encouragement and accountability of your very own coach. Whether your goal is to lose weight, build muscle tone or improve your overall fitness level, our certified Personal Trainers are ready to help you succeed.

All are nationally certified and have the expertise to create cutting-edge, personalized programs to support you in living your best life. Ready to get started?

Group Training

From high-intensity interval training to heart-based programs, our group training programs combine revolutionary results-based techniques and team-camaraderie to take your workouts to the next level. All led by elite coaches and trainers, motivating you to go further than ever before.