Optimal Health Starts Here.

The Activate premium membership provides you a roadmap toward optimal health no matter your unique fitness level, conditions or goals. You’ll receive one-on-one support from our team of healthy life experts plus exclusive access to the Activate space, premium equipment package and Re:store Lab wellness tools. Activate is exactly what you need to make a life-changing impact on your health. Are you ready?

Included in Activate Memberships:

  • Customized exercise and recovery plan built for you by our team of experts
  • Access to our EGYM Smart Equipment to personalize your exercise plan, monitor your progress, and adjust for you as you improve
  • Nutrition coaching and education Access to our Re:store lab to support recovery using various massage, compression, percussion devices, as well as stretching techniques
  • Regular biometric and health checks with our team to ensure you’re making progress towards your goals
  • Unlimited access to the wellness center

Cost: $50/Month Add-on Program amenities

How to Enroll: Join online here to your preferred membership type, then add Activate as an upgraded option.