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Exercise Rx

At Active and in partnership with Providence, we care about helping our patients live well. To not only heal, but to also thrive. Extend the care and support you receive from your physician or physical therapist, with our physician referred exercise prescription.

Exercise RX provides eligible patients with a 60-day membership for just $60, complete with full access to Active Wellness at Kruse Woods, unlimited group fitness classes both in-club and virtually,  a complimentary orientation (including our EGYM Strength Training Circuit), and weekly check-ins from your fitness specialist. The decision to continue your membership after 60-days is entirely up to you. We’ll waive your enrollment fee if you decide to continue beyond the 60-day Exercise Rx period. Healthy habits are created in just 21 days. Imagine what you can do in 60. 

To take advantage of this offer, connect with your physician or physical therapist’s office and ask them to provide you with a letter of referral to Active Wellness Center Kruse Woods.


* current members and anyone who has been a member in the last 6 months not eligible
* no enrollment offer valid if you join during 60-day trial period