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“I just wanted to share what a great experience I have been having at the club lately. The place looks great and the new equipment is really fun to use. I love the egym machines and am so excited about a new workout routine! Many thanks for helping to make sure we all are having a great experience and staying active, healthy, and happy.”

“Miss Sherri did a wonderful job in our 30 minute orientation session of showing me how to log in, and in setting me up with an individualized weight circuit training program on each of the seven EGYM Smart Strength Machines. Each EGYM Machine now knows me when I step up to it, and automatically calibrates my seat height and desired weight setting. Each EGYM Machine, and the companion iPhone Application allow me to track my activity and progress toward my personal wellness goals.”

“I love the efficiency! The EGYM approach works exactly as a circuit training system should (e.g., complete one set of repetitions on a machine, move to the next machine, . . ., when the circuit is complete, repeat the circuit for the number of desired cycles)! This improves Member flow and minimizes the amount of time a Member is waiting for the next machine in the circuit – boy has my frustration level gone down! A Member can complete the seven EGYM Smart Strength Machine circuit in 15 minutes.”