Rock Steady Boxing

Fighting Back Against Parkinson’s

Rock Steady Boxing is a unique non-contact boxing program based on training used by boxing pros and adapted to people with Parkinson’s disease to help improve symptoms and quality of life. Each small group session involves traditional boxing drills that are specific to the symptoms created by the disease, giving a chance of hope.

All classes are Rock Steady Boxing certified coaches. Rock Steady Boxing is open to non-members and members alike, serving both men and women of all ages and levels of ability.

Additional Program Benefits

  • Supportive and motivating community environment
  • Comprehensive cognitive training, dexterity training, and strength training to improve the speed of movement and all dynamic/functional abilities
  • Flexibility, balance and posture development
  • Heart rate monitoring using MyZone technology to monitor exertion and performance levels
  • Tracked results and assessments that are securely shared with your primary care physician or specialist


Rock Steady Boxing has become a reason to get up and get going each day that I deal with Parkinson’s disease.


Rock Steady Boxer

Rock Steady Boxing is a very big part of how I can stay active physically and social with others as I deal with Parkinson’s disease.


Rock Steady Boxer

Rock Steady Boxing has given me camaraderie and it is great to be around others who understand what I am going through with Parkinson’s disease.


Rock Steady Boxer

Rock Steady Boxing is a silver lining to the horrible disease called Parkinson’s.


Rock Steady Boxer

Session Schedule

Level 1/2: 11:30am
Level 3/4: 1pm

Level 1: 11:30am
Level 2/3: 1pm

Level 3/4: 1pm

Level 1: 11:30am
Level 2/3: 1pm

All sessions are currently held at Active Wellness Center Napa.

Provider-Referral Form

Interested participants, please have your provider complete and return the Provider-Referral Form to us.

Phone: 707-251-1395 opt 2
Address: 3421 Villa Lane Napa, CA 94558