Cardiac Rehab Phase III

Building Stronger Hearts, One Beat At A Time

Cardiac Rehab Phase III (CR3) is a small group program specifically designed for individuals who have either; graduated from a Phase II monitored program or have a higher risk for heart disease and have been cleared by their provider to exercise.

Our Exercise Physiologist and team of professionally trained cardiac rehab instructors will guide participants through safe, fun and supportive exercises, while being closely supervised and monitored using the latest in heart rate technology. We focus on cardiovascular, strength, and stress reduction components to improve performance and maximize results.

Additional Program Benefits

  • Blood pressure, heart rate monitoring using Myzone technology, and rate of perceived exertion while class is in session
  • Reduced risk of cardiac events and disease Small group training, supportive and motivating community environment
  • Increased physical independence and confidence, improving the quality of life Tracked results and assessments that are securely shared with your primary care physician or specialist
  • Our Exercise Physiologist and professional medical integrated staff will guide participants through safe, fun and supportive exercises, while monitoring Rate of Perceived Exertion, blood pressure and heart-rate.
  • Participants will complete pre and post assessments to track and report individual progress.

For interested members and non-members, contact napa@activewellnesscenter.com.